Mission Statement

Ayoré.org  consists, for the most part, of transcribed audio texts contributed by native Ayoré speakers from both Bolivia and Paraguay, from the 1950’s till the present. I hope that this collection of resources will prove value in many ways.

  • To help to preserve one of the endangered small group languages of the world as it merges with Spanish.
  • To be a resource for the Ayoré People in areas of their own culture, language and history.
  • To be a resource for the Cojñone (Non-Ayorés) who seek to understand, serve, and interact with this culturally distinct people.
  • To provide a variety of language-learning tools for both Ayoré and non-Ayoré, so that there might be an appreciation of one another’s languages and customs.
  • To be the place where the Ayoré will find both written and audio/visual Biblical Materials in the Ayoré language to help them in their quest to know more about Dupade (God) and his Son Jesus Christ.

Maxine Morarie


The data in this website was either contributed to me, collected by me, or created by me. What was done by others is used with their permission. The entire content is protected and intended for a resource. For any other purpose, it may only be utilized with permission. No profit is realized from this work.